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"Confidently Grow Your Own Food!"

Square Foot Gardening 4 U

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Top SFG4U Classes!

“Want to grow a successful garden? Kim's courses are great for beginning gardeners as well as the more experienced. Kim's deep knowledge and well-taught classes will give you the tools you need. I highly recommend her.”

-Nancy G

Why Grow Your Own Food?

A few years ago, people began taking my classes because they were concerned with rising foodprices due to flooding in the mid-west. In the light of recent events, we’ve all learned that knowing how to grow at least some of your food is an essential skill to have. Additional benefits are that you have control over many things. Do you want to grow organically? Only grow heirloom varieties? Have a fun activity for you and the kids? You're making a great choice by learning how to garden.


About Kim Roman

I’m an Air Force brat, veteran and spouse who has gardened from Nevada to Germany, and many places in between. I’ve gardened in tiny yards and community gardens-sometimes under very interesting circumstances. At one military base, we had to stop gardening when unexploded WWII ordinance was found nearby! I've always been fascinated in small-space gardening and became a Square Foot Gardening Certified Instructor in 2010-taught by author & SFG creator Mel Bartholomew. Contact Kim today!



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