Vegetable Gardening Should Be Fun, Not Work

Do you want to start your own vegetable garden but think it's just too much work?  Think about it, you need to till the plot, amend it with organic material, fertilize it, etc.  The typical American garden is 20' x 35' or 700 square feet – that's a lot of work – and you have to do it every year!

Do you know that it typically takes SEVEN YEARS to get your soil "just right" by adding organic material?  By then you've probably moved and sold your house to someone who doesn't garden!  Would you be interested in a gardening method where you start out right on the very first day, that requires very little work and you only need three tools – a trowel, scissors and a pencil?

We will also cover Square Foot Gardening and other small-space garden-related topics like planning, planting, pests, vegetable varieties, etc.  So, no matter what gardening method you use, keep coming back and you should find some information you can use. 

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