Kim at The Samaritan Women - Baltimore
Justen from Vet. Compost making blended compost
Scout (foreground) and Sophie "helping" 
Kim get ready for a class
Kim's SFG topped with Garden Commanders
Jerry at WMAR TV2 in Baltimore
Kim's SFG 5/23/11.  Look at the difference from the photo on the right just 3 weeks ago!  

You can see the two 65-gallon rain barrels in the background next to the house. 
5/23/11.  Onions, cabbage, broccoli, turnips, etc. going like GANGBUSTERS!  We've had a LOT of rain & the soil blend is doing a GREAT job draining.
Tomatoes!  Trying San Marzano tomatoes this year - want to make some sauce.
Have you ever wondered what 100 cubic feet of blended compost looks like?  
A tree fell in Kim's yard from Hurricane Irene and landed on her SFG.  Luckily most of the tomatoes were already harvested.  The fabric was used to protect them from stink bugs.