LEARN - So you want to learn the Square Foot Gardening (SFG) method created by Mel Bartholomew?  With SFG you will get 
100% of the harvest with only 
20% of the space 
10% of the water 
5% of the seeds
0% of the fertilizer 
compared to a conventional row garden.
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Best of all there's almost NO work and NO weeds with a SFG, and you only need three tools, a trowel, a pencil and a pair of scissors!


In addition to Square Foot Gardening classes, we offer classes in other small-space methods we're calling Small Veggie Gardening (SVG) perfect if you only have a patio, balcony or other small space.

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PLAN & GROW - Are you ready to get going on your Square Foot Garden?  We'll help you plan your custom garden of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

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Who are we?  Square Foot Gardening 4 U (SFG4U) was established by Jerry Lupinos and Kim Roman, both Certified Instructors of the Square Foot Gardening method.  Jerry and Kim met while attending the residence course in Eden, Utah, and were surprised to learn that they lived less than five miles from each other in Glen Burnie, Maryland!

Jerry and Kim are both military veterans - Jerry retired from the US Army and Kim spent almost 6 years in the US Air Force. Jerry has had to step down from the business but continues to support Kim.

Both have a passion to teach Square Foot Gardening and to give back to their community.  They support the Square Foot Gardening Foundation's (SFGF) goal to end world hunger, not by giving people food, but by giving people the skills to feed themselves and their families.  

10% of the profits will be given to the SFG Foundation and another percentage will go to local charities.

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Announcing our 2016 Classes!
Classes will be held in the Glen Burnie, Maryland area


Square Foot Gardening

Small Veggie Gardening (Urban Gardening)

Advanced Gardening - planning, protecting, vertical gardening, extending your growing season, and more

ABOVE: Kim & Square Foot Gardening
Creator, Mel Bartholomew
All New Square Foot Gardening book
While we focus mainly on organic vegetable and herb gardening, these methods also work with flowers.
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